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Internet Explorer has Major Bug

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer (all versions) has a bug that allows the browser to run software as you on your computer. Making it happen is rather technical, but it can happen when you go to a "specially crafted"1 web site that downloads the code into the browser than causes the browser to execute the code as if it were part of the browser's regular code. The attacks "in the wild"2 use Flash on IE V9, 10, and 11.

What to do

Stealing Passwords

Yesterday (2014 Apr 08) news of a major vulnerability of standard encryption software was released. The software is used in an estimated 66% of all web sites. The software is called OpenSSL. It is an open-source implementation of standard encryption algorithm that allows your browser to securely communicate with a web server. This problem is restricted to sites that have or use OpenSSL. Check your site.

Cloud Computing Opportunities (Part 2)

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Notes for Pages 1 & 2 are available at Cloud Computing Opportunities. The page references are for the attachment to this post.

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Four of the main issues that come up when considering moving part of your business operation to the cloud are: Security, Access, Cost, and Ownership. It is important to consider all of these issues as they can affect your business. Only the second issue is not related to the cloud service provider.

Cloud Computing Opportunities

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Cloud computing offers small and medium businesses (SMB) many opportunities to reduce computing costs and improve their internal computing operations. The attached file contains the slides from a presentation I made to a group of SMB executives. The discussion below is my slide-by-slide notes. The slides are two per page, and the notes are listed by page number. This posting covers pages 1 and 2. Pages 3 and 4 are at Cloud Computing Opportunities (Part 2).

Page 1:

Views, Dates, and Arguments


This is work done in Drupal V6. Drupal is an Open-Source Content Management System. More information is available at http://drupal.org.

I needed to create a View for a Custom Content Type that took an optional date (year) as an argument. I followed the normal process for defining the various fields of a View. The argument was defined with my custom content value (field_event_season). The definition included creating a 'Summary, sorted ascending' action if no value was present. Since I wanted to display the entire list, this is the appropriate setting.

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