Upload and Convert FBX File

This service converts Autodesk's FBX files to the open ISO standard X3D files with an option to display the result in your browser after conversion. The conversion process uses Blender V2.72 to do the work. There are some limitations on the input file. The biggest ones are that the FBX file must be in the binary format (not-ASCII) and it is at least version 7.1. These are limitations imposed by the FBX importer in Blender. If you would like to improve the importer please contact the authors at the previous link.

Daly Realism wishes to thank CoDEmanX from BlenderArtists.org for providing the import solution.

Select the FBX file to upload
Select an FBX file. It must have the extension .fbx (case-insensitive) and between 20KB and 7189KB in size.
Enter any notes you wish to keep with this file conversion
Optionally enter any text-notes you wish to be associated with this conversion.